Munchkin kitten care

Munchkin kitten or cat care

Grooming a healthy Munchkin kitten will be guided by their soft an beautiful coat style. Short-haired Munchkins should be carefully brushed weekly and long-haired Munchkin cats should be brushed more frequently to keep their soft looking coat free of tangles. Your adorable Munchkin will clean herself, but her short or limited legs reach can make cleaning a little more difficult for this cat. Frequent bathing is a perfect idea to help keep your sweet looking little kitty friend clean and you also need to keep her nails trimmed and ears cleaned.

Munchkins don’t need a lot in the way of human-guided exercise: These cats love to run and play during the day, and will usually tucker themselves out. Provide them with cat toys, low-to-the-ground cat trees, and scratchers to help them work out their energy.

Munchkins cats are very intelligent breed of cat who can be well trained to fetch, pickup new ticks and even walk on a leash. They respond well to clicker training with ample positive attitude. They’re very social, but early introduction to family members (especially children and other pets) will help your Munchkin kitten feel secure.


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