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Munchkin Scottish Fold

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For more information on our munchkin cat, please contact us now! Choose your munchkin kitten now or join the waiting list. Make your deposit once you've been approved, and enjoy the excitement and feelings of getting your new lovely baby!!!

munchkin scottish fold

A Munchkin Scottish fold with short legs

The Munchkin Scottish Fold also called the Scottish kilt cat, is a feline with short legs, folded ears, and round eyes. Result of the crude between a Scottish kilt and a Munchkin cat.

The Scottish kilt is a cute kitten with folded ears and short legs, the result of a cross between a Scottish Fold cat and Munchkin cats.

Munchkin kilt cats are characterized by short legs, a stocky body, a round head, and folded ears.

Due to its mini size, it is a perfect travel companion or, simply, for short walks. It can weigh 8 kg and measure 20 cm in its adult life, so it will be an ideal pet to leave home every time you want it to accompany you to buy or visit friends.

But, without further ado, we invite you to meet the Scottish cat with short legs and a sweet face: the Scottish Kilt.