munchkin cat for sale

About munchkin cat breed

Munchkin cats or kittens are very quick, energetic, fun-loving, and very affectionate. They lack in leg length they more than make with their unique look and beautiful temperament.

The Munchkin breed, as you may have guessed from the name, is on the short side. They are actually unique among dwarf cat breeds—this sweet and petite kitty actually fits all the other size indicators of a normal adult-sized cat, except for their little adorable legs. You have never heard of a Munchkin? That’s because they’re relatively new, having been legitimized by The International Cat Association as their own breed in the early 2000s. munchkin cat

Munchkin cat grooming

Grooming a healthy Munchkin kitten will be guided by their soft an beautiful coat style. Short-haired Munchkins should be carefully brushed weekly and long-haired Munchkin cats should be brushed more frequently to keep their soft looking coat free of tangles. Your adorable Munchkin will clean herself, but her short or limited legs reach can make cleaning a little more difficult for this cat. Frequent bathing is a perfect idea to help keep your sweet looking little kitty friend clean and you also need to keep her nails trimmed and ears cleaned.